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Listen with ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker is a service for converting text content to audio. You do not need to download anything separately to use the service.

To listen to the text content of a web page, press the listen button below the page title. A player opens and ReadSpeaker starts reading aloud the text on the page.

In the player you can:

  • pause and restart the reading
  • stop reading
  • adjust the volume
  • make some adjustments to the player's behavior
  • close the player.

You can use tab or shift + tab to navigate the player and press Enter to activate a button or link.

Listen to selected text

On a computer, you can also select the part of the text you want to listen to. A listen button appears next to the mouse pointer. When you press the button, a player appears and ReadSpeaker starts reading aloud the text you have selected.

Read on Hover

On mobile devices, you can use the Read on Hover-function. It works well on devices with iOS, but unfortunately not as well with Android.

Page last updated: 2021-09-09