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Start page for exhibition texts read aloud

Here you can access most of the texts in the exhibitions, and have them read aloud using the website's synthetic speech tool, ReadSpeaker. Of course, you can also use your own software or tool for converting text content to audio.

The texts are slightly edited. They are also supplemented with information about what the room looks like, as well as instructiuons for how to move about in order for the texts to be read aloud in an order that makes sense.

Use headphones

You who want to listen to the texts of the exhibitions need to use some kind of headphones. The cell phone speakers are not an option.

This is how ReadSpeaker works

Exhibition texts

Sea of Memories (all text can be both read and heard in the exhibition)

Resande Man

The Divided Sea

The Assignment

The Epilogue

General information about the exhibitions

The museum has five exhibitions. The first two are on the ground floor, the remaining three on the upper level.

The museum's first exhibition, Sea of ​​Memories, is an immersive film experience that takes place beneath the surface of the Baltic Sea. It takes about 6 minutes. The exhibition has some text.

In the second exhibition, Resande Man, you remain under the surface and are at the wreck of Resande Man. It takes about 20 minutes to listen to all the texts in the exhibition. The webpage is divided into three sections: Introduction, Story and Exhibits and floor.

Upstairs is the exhibition The Divided Sea. It consists of six rooms, each about an archaeological remains. The exhibition contains a lot of text. This version of the texts consist of a short introduction, and then one web page per room. The subpages take 10-15 minutes each to get read aloud.

Then follows The Assignment, an exhibition with games, interactive stations, many objects and a lot of text. The version for reading is divided into a short introduction and three subpages. The subpages take 10, 20 and 30 minutes to get read aloud.

The last exhibition, The Epilogue, summarizes the entire museum. Here is a short text, which takes about 1-2 minutes to get read aloud, and a movie experience.

Page last updated: 2021-09-07