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Wrecks outside Vrak?

Sundayden 29 August is Archaeology Day. The maritime archaeologists at Vrak will look for a wreck in the water outside the museum entrance. They also show diving equipment and tell about their work. In addition, there will be talks about Swedish navy history, and a tip walk for children.

At a map by Carl Friedrich Hauswolfs from 1736 of central Stockholm, several wrecks are marked in the water. One of them is supposed to be located in the water just outside the new museum Vrak. On Sunday, Vrak's maritime archaeologists will for the first time investigate whether it is really there.

Wrecks are participating in a large research project called The Lost Navy, in which the Swedish navy between 1450 and 1850 is examined. The maritime archaeologists tell us what knowledge they can contribute, and what type of wreck can be expected to appear.

Archeology Day is organized by the Swedish National Heritage Board with activities throughout the country.

Archaeology Day at Vrak – Museum of Wrecks

Day: Sunday 29 August 

Time: 11.00–15.00

Place: Djurgårdsstrand 17, Stockholm (at Djurgården, former address Djurgårdsvägen 50).


11.00–15.00 Archaeological car
– Look in the car of maritime archaeologists and see equipment and tools!

11.00–15.00 Maritime archaeological experiments
– How did you dive into the depths before? And how do you stay underwater without floating? We use our experiment box to show you.

11.30 Maritime archaeologists appear and dive down
– See how Vrak's maritime archaeologists perform dives in the harbor outside the museum and show how a maritime archaeologist works. Are there wrecks outside Vrak?

13.00 Conversation with a maritime archaeologist
– Take a deep dive into how marine archaeologists work with the identification of ships in the project The Lost Navy

11.00-15.00 Maritime archeological tip walk for children
– What do you know about maritime archeology? Challenge the whole family on a tip walk located in the area around Vrak.

Live broadcast

14.30 If you do not have the opportunity to come to Vrak and Djurgården, you can hear and see the maritime archaeologists talk about today's dives and the research project The Lost Navy via Vrak's maritime archaeologists on Facebook.