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Exciting wrecks in a new book

The Baltacar project aims to get cultural tourists to discover and learn more about the declining cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea.

This EU-financed project has, between 2017 and 2019, produced knowledge and stories for divers - and non-divers - about the wrecks and remains of the Baltic Sea. The result of this work is now in published, Baltacar - Baltic History Beneath Surface.

Here you can read about parts of the Baltic's maritime history and what perils such as warfare, severe weather, conflicts and human error could lead to. You can also read about discoveries that cannot be made when staying on dry land. Some of the shiprecks are available through 3D-models.

An overall aim of the Baltacar project is to increase the knowledge and accessibility of the wrecks of the Baltic sea. We believe that by sharing exciting knowledge and stories, we can contribute to prevent the looting and deterioration of these world-unique and well-preserved shipwrecks. We want future generations to have opportunity to discover this secret cultural heritage.

Baltacar has been a collaboration between Estonia, Finland and Sweden, where the Vrak – Museum of Wrecks /Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums has been one of the Swedish parts.