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Exhibitions now under construction

The exhibitions at Vrak – Museum of Wrecks are now under construction. Bruns, an exhibition design firm from Holland, is taking on this exciting task. The company brings its extensive experience of interactive storytelling to museums across the world.

Staff at the Museum of Wrecks, together with the Swedish exhibition firm Expology, have developed a special exhibition concept for the various exhibits in the new museum. With the project handed over to Bruns, they are now building the exhibitions in Holland and then shipping modules as they are ready. Bruns is busily working away to meet the autumn deadline for the exhibitions.

Bruns is a family-run company that has been in business since 1963. As specialists in museum design, they have been engaged by many cultural heritage and natural history museums and science centres around the world. They provide everything from carpentry to multimedia. We can’t wait to see the results as the stories come to life in the exhibition spaces at the Museum of Wrecks.

Read more about Bruns on their website.