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Filming in the archipelago

During the week, maritime archaeologists at the Museum of Wrecks have been out in the Swedish archipelago filming a wreck that will be included in one of the museum’s exhibitions. Visitors will get the chance to experience what it’s like to float above the wreck.

For four days the museum’s maritime archaeologists, together with a film crew that is producing videos for the exhibitions, have been above, in and below the waters outside the island of Dalarö in Stockholm’s southern archipelago. Their goal? To create a realistic video that allows visitors to Vrak – Museum of Wrecks to be able to see the wreck from directly above.

“The weather conditions weren’t the best, but everything was still and clear under the water,” says Patrik Höglund, maritime archaeologist at the museum.

When the museum opens, visitors will get to see the results and experience the feeling of being an archaeologist diver themselves.