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Photo: Mikael Fredholm Museum of Wrecks/SMTM

On a frigid mission

Maritime archaeologists at the Museum of Wrecks are currently out on assignment in the grip of the frigid waters of the Baltic Sea. They are documenting some shipwrecks in Stockholm’s southern archipelago, ones that have been given geographical or other names but have not been definitively identified.
“There are a few wrecks in the Stockholm archipelago that deserve a little more attention,” says Patrik Höglund, maritime archaeologist at the museum.

He is referring to some shipwrecks that go by different names although it is unclear if they are really the ships they purport to be.

Over the course of a few chilly days, he and his colleagues will make their way down into the near-freezing waters to gain a better understanding of a few selected wrecks. Among the ships in focus are Gröne Huntern, Kostervraket and Älvsnabbenvraket.

“Several of these are interesting and popular dive destinations, which we’ll now create 3D models of. But our aim is also to present them better to the public at the museum and on our website,” he says.

The wrecks have been impacted over the years, and not just by natural means. It has been difficult to put together a 3D model that started at Kostervraket a few years ago with a new one. This is partly because logs and other things have been moved, probably due to anchorages in the wreck. By documenting the wrecks carefully, the maritime archaeologists can get an idea of the status of this cultural heritage.

Watch footage of the dives with our maritime archaeologists (external link) 

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