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Record number of visitors this summer

The Museum of Wrecks has ended its first-ever summer season and can now tally up the visitor figures. During the month of July, the museum had 17507 visitors.

“It’s been a fantastic summer. Wrecks is a new kind of museum experience and thus a new brand, so it’s not as well known yet as the other museums on Djurgården. It’s thrilling to know that on some days we had up to a thousand visitors,” says Odd Johansen, the museum’s director.

The Museum of Wrecks is a sister museum to the Vasa Museum, and in June the museums introduced a combination ticket for SEK 290 for visiting the Vasa Museum and the Museum of Wrecks. The two museums are close to each other both location-wise and thematically, and are run by the same government agency.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer this combo ticket in collaboration with the Vasa Museum,” Johansen says. “Visitors can now see the hundreds of thousands of shipwrecks left to discover at the bottom of the Baltic Sea – as well as the world’s best-preserved wreck – the Vasa ship.”

The basic principle behind the museum is to leave the archaeological finds on the bottom of the sea, where they are best preserved, and instead tell their stories through digital technology rather than by salvaging them. The history of the Baltic Sea is recounted in an immersive film experience, objects are displayed through holograms, and visitors can try diving using VR glasses – all with the aim of taking a fresh approach to making our maritime cultural heritage accessible and revealing a previously hidden part of history.