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Stockholmers discover wrecks

Many people ventured out to Djurgården and discovered shipwrecks on Archaeology Day. The Museum of Wrecks offered up a full day of activities related to maritime archaeology both inside and outside the museum.

The museum’s maritime archaeologists showcased a dive rescue van and dive boat as well as diving equipment at the harbour outside the museum. They conducted dives at the museum pier next to the icebreaker Sankt Erik. Tours of the exhibition Resande Man were given and families could go on a Wreck Hunt at the museum.

“It was exciting to follow the maritime archaeologists before, during and after the dives at Sankt Erik,” says Ellen Ingers, archaeologist at the museum.

Archaeology Day is a nationwide event that takes place on the last Sunday in August each year, when both the Swedish National Heritage Board and the general public get the chance to discover the intriguing world of archaeology.