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Well-preserved fluit – The Swan from 1636

Last year, a well-preserved 17th century wreck, a Dutch fluit, was discovered at a depth of 85 meters in the Gulf of Finland. Now marine archaeologists know how old the ship is and also its name. An upcoming documentary will show and tell more about this unique wreck.

This summer, during the filming of the documentary "Fluit", the diving team found the whole transom of the unusually well-preserved wreck. When the divers managed to turn it over, an engraving with the year 1636 and an image of a swan was revealed. The Swan is assumed to be the ship's name.

Now the maritime archaeologists are looking for the fluit's origin and mission, and what may have happened on a fateful day when the ship sank.

- I already saw last year that it was an early flute, it was long and narrow, says maritime archaeologist Niklas Eriksson at Stockholm University. And that was right, he continues:

 - Now we know that it was built in 1636 and was called The Swan. A closer examination of the transom will probably also reveal the weapon for the ship's home port, he says happily.

State maritime archaeologist Minna Koivikko from Finland is just as enthusiastic:

- This finding, restores my faith in miracles. I have never experienced anything like this in my career that extends over 30 years, she says.

The historical documentary "Fluit", will be shown on Swedish Television 2023.

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