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The Osmund Wreck's Objects

Since 2017, Vrak's maritime archaeologists have carried out several dives on a shipwreck located north of Dalarö in the Stockholm archipelago. The ship sank sometime during Gustav Vasa's time, i.e. the middle of the 1500s. In the cargo were about 100 barrels of so-called Osmund iron, which has given the wreck its name.

On the second floor of the museum, Ytan, there is now the chance to see salvaged finds from the Osmund wreck. There is also a 3D model of the wreck and pictures from the salvage operation.

Osmund iron was a major export product from Sweden during the Middle Ages and up to the early 1600s. In a unique research project together with Jernkontoret, Vrak's maritime archaeologists have now been able to salvage a barrel for further investigation. The work has been made possible through research grants from the Voice of the Ocean Foundation.

Page last updated: 2024-05-28