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In Pictures: Vasa's sister Äpplet

Äpplet (The Apple) is the sister ship of world-famous Vasa. In this exhibition you have the chance to see unique pictures from the investigations of Äpplet. The photos were taken by the museum's maritime archaeologist and photographer.

Photo exhibition at Vrak 25 October – 31 December 2023

Two years ago the museum's maritime archaeologists, together with the Navy, investigated an area at Vaxholm where Äpplet is presumed to have sunk. In December 2021, a large shipwreck was discovered and after further investigations and sampling the following year, it was concluded that Äpplet had finally been found!

In the spring of 2023, the museum once again joined forces and went out with the Navy's ship HMS Furusund and down to the wreck site with the goal of documenting the hull through 3D filming. During the dives, sensational finds were made. Behind the stern the divers found several wooden sculptures – including two large lions from the national coat of arms – that have been sitting on Äpplet's transom. Next to the lions is also a smaller, round sculpture in the shape of an apple that could be the nameplate.

The photographs were taken by maritime archaeologist Jim Hansson and photographer Anders P Näsberg, both from SMTM/Vrak.

Further information

The images are produced in a limited edition and are available for sale. Contact Vrak's hosts/shop if interested.

Page last updated: 2023-10-23