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Dalarö Dive Park from the air. Photo: Jim Hansson, SMTM

Dalarö Dive Park

Dalarö Dive Park is located in Sweden’s first maritime cultural reserve – the Dalarö shipwreck area just southeast of Stockholm.

Dalarö is a historically significant hub for shipping in the Baltic Sea. The naval fleet used to be located here, and hefty customs duties – charges on the import and export of goods – were levied. That’s why there are so many shipwrecks here.

Some of the wrecks are exceptionally preserved, and can only be visited together with a trained wreck guide.

Guided tours

Guided tours start from Dalarö. The following wrecks can be visited with a wreck guide:

The merchant ship Anna Maria, built in Amsterdam in 1694, sank on 6 February 1709 after a fire on board, loaded with planks and bar iron.

The Jutholm Wreck sank circa 1700. The wreck is unidentified, and was named after its location next to the island of Jutholmen.

Bodekull, often called the Dalarö Wreck, was a frigate built in 1660 on the order of King Charles X Gustav. It was built in Karlshamn, which at the time was called Bodekull. The vessel sank in 1678.

More about the dive park and links to guides

Page last updated: 2021-06-09