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Light in the autumn darkness

Dive into Vrak! We will celebrate Wreck Day with free admission; have special tours throughout the autumn and arrange exciting ghost hunts during the holidays.

Autumn activities

Here you will find everything that is going on.

Floating city tour

  • 20 and 23 September

Join us on a city tour on the water. We paddle the same route as the ship Vasa once sailed and learn about the wrecks below the surface.

A historical kayak tour in the heart of Stockholm. Together with a marine archaeological guide, we paddle the same route as the ship Vasa did almost 400 years ago and hear about the large collection of wrecks that the city hides under the surface. The tour starts in calm waters at the Maritime Museum's jetty and ends outside Vrak. The tour is aimed at those who have tried paddling before or who are already experienced paddlers, but are carried out together with an experienced paddling leader. (In Swedish).

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Free admission to Wreck Day!

  • September 23, time: 10 - 20

Come and celebrate Vrak's second birthday with us! We offer everyone free admission - if you haven't visited us yet, now is the time! Explore the museum's exhibits and learn more about how marine archaeologists work. Try diving on a wreck with a VR Headset! If you are curious about how diving equipment has looked through the ages and want to experience a hidden ice on Djurgården, take the opportunity to also visit Dyktankhuset which is open the same day!

Activities for children and tours about Vasa's sister ship Äpplet. Wreck hunt for families , as well as music and games and good food and drink from Mackverket in the evening. The museum is open until 8 p.m.

Tours in English at 12, 15 and 17. 

The mystery of the medieval wreck

  • 30 Sept – 1 October

This weekend we delve into the history of the 1300s ship found at the Darss peninsula. Join our knowledgeable guides on a special tour about this medieval merchant ship, a find that tells about the life and trade of the past.

The wreck is named after the place where it was found, on the German peninsula of Darss. The ship sank somewhere around the mid-1300s and was a merchant ship. The tours tells the story of the ship's cargo and where it may have sailed from.

Tours in english at 12 and 15. 

Ghost Nets and Divers' Pub

  • October 25, time: 18-21

Enjoy good food and drink and learn more about an important issue. In the Baltic Sea and other seas, so-called ghost nets are a major environmental hazard to wrecks and wildlife. Come and hear Hélène Hagerman talk about what Global Underwater Explorer is doing to pick up abandoned nets and work for a cleaner sea. Wreck's marine archaeologist Marco Alí is the moderator for the evening. This autumn's divers' pub at Vrak is a must for all divers!

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The luxury cargo that disappeared

  • 28-29 October

Come join our special tours about the ship Vrouw Maria that sank and ended up on the bottom, filled with luxury goods.

Vrouw Maria was a Dutch merchant ship that perished in a storm during its voyage to St. Petersburg. During the weekend's tours, our knowledgeable guides tell you about what was on board and which royal person ordered part of the cargo.

Autumn holiday at Vrak

  • 30 October – 5 November

Holiday at Vrak! Come and do crafts, or try diving without getting wet. During the holidays we have daily tours at 12 and 15 in English where our knowledgeable guides delve into stories and objects from the bottom of the sea. At 13 every day during the holiday week, we also offer a family viewing in Swedish.

Find the mysterious museum ghost!

  • October 30-31, November 2.3, time: 18-20

Go on a flashlight tour in the autumn darkness and help find the mysterious ghost at Vrak. 

Exciting things happen at Vrak in the evenings. Someone seems to be fooling around in the exhibitions. Now we need children's help to find the mysterious Wreck Ghost. Join us for a different tour in the evening darkness!

Pre-booking is required. The tour is aimed at children between 7 and 12 years old. Each adult who books a ticket can bring two children (maximum number of adults 10, maximum number of children 20). Children can borrow a flashlight during the tour. Parents accompany the children during the tour. (in Swedish).

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Äpplet - Vasa's sister ship

  • 25-26 November

Special weekend with daily tours about Äpplet - Vasa's sister ship. Äpplet was built of oak sold by Brita Bååth, the same woman who provided the ship Vasa's timber.

Vrak's marine archaeologists, together with the navy, have investigated the wreck, which hides many exciting details about the sailing giants of the early 1600s. Learn more about this fascinating ship during this weekend's tour.

Tours in English at 12 and 15. 

Single mingle at Vrak

  • December 6, 6 p.m.-8 p.m.

Evening event and deep feelings? Make new acquaintances at the museum's single mingle, it starts at 18.00 with a guided tour of the museum and exciting activities. During the evening there will be both the opportunity to walk around and discover the museum, as well as to sit down and have something to eat and drink at the café run by Mackverket!

Christmas holiday at Vrak

  • December 27-30, time: 10 - 17

Christmas holiday at Vrak! Come and makr wrecking crafts or In take a VR-dive on a wreck. Families are invited to and participate in the wreck hunt, a quiz hunt that extends around the museum's exhibitions.

Annual pass

With Vrak's annual pass you can visit the museum as often as you want and take part in all programs for a whole year for only SEK 340. When renewing the annual pass, the wreck book Under the surface of the sea and even more benefits are included – read more here!

Page last updated: 2023-09-26