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Djupasund outside Karlskrona. Photo: Jim Hansson, SMTM


The World Heritage Site Karlskrona has plans for a dive park. This naval town boasts several deliberately sunk wrecks. Some of these culturally fascinating wrecks will now be made available on land to divers and visitors alike.

Ships that sailed far and wide and took part in naval battles were often reused. They could be used as padding in quays or as barriers in fairways and inlets.

The plans are being shaped within the project “Världsarvets g(l)ömda vrak,” about a hidden and forgotten world heritage wreck. The opening is scheduled for 2022.

In the park

In Djupasund outside Karlskrona, the wrecks of the warship Enigheten, shipwrecked in 1696, and Chapman’s ship-of-the-line Wasa might exist. It is likely the stern of one of these vessels that the museum’s maritime archaeologists have documented.

Page last updated: 2021-06-09