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Resande man

Dive deep and discover the story of the mythical shipwreck Resande Man (”Travelling Man”). In November, in year 1660 the ship Resande Man sank in the Stockholm archipelago during a storm. The vessel was headed for Poland on an important diplomatic mission. About half the crew managed to survive the accident.

One of the survivors, embassy secretary Andreas Bjugg, wrote a vivid report about the dramatic sinking. Bjugg’s story reached far and contributed to the myths about Resande Man. Many people have claimed to have found it. The ship was finally identified by maritime archaeologists in 2012. In this exhibition you will hear Bjugg’s own words about the accident and how he managed to survive.

Get to know Resande Man

In the museum you get to know Resande Man through an exhibition at full scale. Visitors walk on a carpet which shows the wreck’s appearance. It is surrounded by photos taken from inside the shipwreck, and objects from the ship are projected in glass cases, displayed at the same places on the ship where they were found. Here you will also find the only object that has been salvaged from Resande Man: a copper coin.

Page last updated: 2024-02-29