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Museum book now available as a free e-book

The book “Under the Surface” from Vrak introduces readers to the unique cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea: the remains that have been preserved for posterity, hidden beneath the surface. You’ll find stories on topics ranging from a Stone Age settlement to the wrecks of medieval merchant ships, to the traces of the ravages of world wars. The book is now available as a free e-book download.

The book, an anthology, was published by the National Maritime and Transport Museums for the opening of Vrak - Museum of Wrecks. It reveals the stories behind several ships familiar to museum visitors, such as the 17th century ship Solen, the U-479 submarine and M/S Estonia.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the ships from the exhibitions at the Museum of Wrecks can delve into the book, which also highlights other types of remains. The stories are written by researchers and archaeologists from different countries around the Baltic Sea, providing scientific yet easy-to-read perspectives on the finds.

“My hope is that people will open their eyes to the fact that under the surface, there’s an entire landscape of history and stories that we don’t see,” says Anna Arnberg, editor and head of maritime archaeology activities at the museum. “I hope the book provides a new perspective on the Baltic Sea and our shared cultural heritage under the surface.”

“We’re thrilled that the book is now available for free download. It’s important that we make all this amazing information available to everyone.”

For those who want a traditional printed book, “Under the Surface” is still on offer in the museum gift shop.

Download Under the Surface here (pdf)