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From the exhibition Resande Man. Photo: Åke Eson Lindman / Vrak/ SMTM.


The exhibitions at Vrak will take you on an exciting journey through time. You will experience dramatic events hidden behind the world-unique cultural heritage that is preserved beneath the surface of the Baltic Sea. The sea and maritime archeology is always at the center of the depictions of historical events, people and the world.

Sea of Memories

For many thousands of years, people have lived by the sea, traveling across the sea with commodities, ideas and the desire to discover. But far from everyone reached their goals.

An immersive movie experience takes you on an underwater adventure. The Baltic Sea itself tells of war and conflict, borders, trade and cultural exchanges. Objects from the bottom of the Baltic Sea also carry this story of the sea as a source of both life and death.

Resande Man

In November 1660, Resande Man ('Travelling Man') sank in the Stockholm archipelago during a storm. The small warship was on its way to Poland on an important diplomatic mission. Just under half of those on board survived. One of the survivors, Secretary Andreas Bjugg, vividly described the dramatic shipwreck.

Bjugg's story spread widely and Resande Man was soon a mythical and sought after wreck. In the exhibition, you will find yourself under the surface, right at the wreck site on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. 

The Divided Sea

Through six different archaeological remains on the seabed you will travel through the common history of the Baltic Sea countries.

Authentic photos and archive material are shown here, in traditional form as well as in exciting interactive elements. The wrecks and remains carry stories about contacts and alliances, war and trade, life and death, great historical events and specific events in the lives of individuals.

Read about Tybrind vig, Darss, Solen, Vrouw Maria, U479 and Estonia. 

The Assignment

Dive deep into the past and learn more about maritime archeological work in Sweden. Examine track people have left behind in and next to seas, lakes and streams.

The exhibition also contains the game Your Maritime Archeological Assignment, where you become a maritime archeologist for a day.

The Epilogue

A visit to Vrak is like a shortcut to a new maritime archeological perspective. The exhibition in the last room in the museum is a reminder of how what happened above the surface of the Baltic Sea can be re-experienced several hundred years later, and that maritime archeology in the region enables breathtaking time travel.

Wood from ship Äpplet 

Vasa's sister ship Äpplet (The Apple) was located outside of Stockholm. At the moment visitors are welcome to view a sample of the wood from the ship at the second floor of the museum. The oak for the ship's timber was cut in 1627 in Mälardalen – in the same place as Vasa's timber a few years earlier.
Page last updated: 2022-12-01