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About this website

This version of vrak.se is brand new, launched in June 2021. Welcome to dive around and explore it.

The vrak.se design is responsive, and adapts to the device you choose to use. The website is best viewed with recent versions of modern browsers. 

Using content from vrak.se

The following applies to text, images, film, sound and other media on vrak.se:

The content on Vrak's website is subject to normal copyright. This means that you may use it for private purposes, provided that you:

  • indicates in the source: Vrak / SMTM
  • indicates the author of the content in cases where this is stated on the page, and asks them for consent to the use.

For any other use, in print or in digital media, you must have separate approval. E-mail your request, including a link to the page with the current content, to the registrar.

E-mail: registrator@smtm.se

Linking to vrak.se

Feel free to link to vrak.se, but keep in mind the following:

  • do not use the Vrak logo to link to the website. The museum wants to avoid any doubt about who is responsible for the information on the website where the link is located.
  • do not link so that Vrak's website is placed within the frameset of another website.


We follow guidelines for how to work with public sector websites in Sweden, as stated by PTS, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority. We strive to fulfil the accessibility requirements as defined in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.1 at level AA.

We simplify and improve our web content continuously, for it to be easy to read and understand. We strive for all links to look and function in the same way. You who choose to use your keyboard instead of mouse can navigate the pages with the tab key.

On most pages, the text can be read out using the Listen function, which you can access in connection with the page title. The text that is read aloud is highlighted at the same time as the sound, which makes it easy to follow the text.


The website uses JavaScript in some cases. For devices that do not support this, there are alternative solutions that allow all users to have equal functionality.


The website uses cookies to improve the user experience on the website. A cookie is a small text file that vrak.se requests to be saved on the computer, tablet or mobile you are browsing with.

Cookies at vrak.se

Page last updated: 2021-08-13