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Documentation of a wreck. Photo: Patrik Höglund, Wreck - Museum of Wrecks / SMTM.

Wrecked, Sunk, Discarded or Broken up?

A large number or wrecks of warships from the period 1620–1840 can be found near naval bases such as Karlskrona and Stockholm. A few of these are examined more closely in this multidisciplinary subproject. 

This case study carries out a number of targeted investigations of selected wrecks. Most of these wrecks have been sunk deliberately, but some also due to accidents. The study has a pronounced multidisciplinary perspective - puzzle pieces from different disciplines are joined together to illustrate the life cycles of the ships.

The investigation is firmly rooted and has its starting point in the Atlas module. Besides the large number of wrecks that will be investigated and documented in this module, this subproject contributes with more detailed knowledge on a smaller number of wrecks, which are studied through object biographies and comparison.

This subproject is part of the historical and archaeological research module.

Name of the Subproject

Wrecked, Sunk, Discarded or Broken up? Life-cycles of Ships in the Swedish Navy 1620–1840.


Project leader

Patrik Höglund, historian and maritime archaeologist, The National Maritime and Transport museums


Page last updated: 2022-10-14