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Exhibition texts read aloud - The Assignment


This exhibition consists of three parts: Archeology under the water, Maritime archaeological workshop and Dive deep into the archives.

In each part there is a section of a game called Your assignment.

The exhibition contains a lot of text and therefore the text for reading is divided into three subpages.

The Assignment, introduction

Now it’s your turn to dive down into the past. You’ll get to learn more about maritime archaeology in Sweden and try your skills at examining remains people have left behind, in and nearby seas, lakes and streams.

The work of maritime archaeologists is incredibly varied: we search, dive, document, analyse, investigate and excavate. It’s almost always a group effort – many specialists are needed in different areas. By searching for clues, interpreting them and piecing together the findings, we discover as much as possible about people’s lives and history.


Maritime archaeologists getting ready to go on a diving mission. The film has no spoken content.

Exhibition parts

Archaeology under the water

Maritime archaeology workshop

Dive deep into the archives

Page last updated: 2021-09-09