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Exhibition texts read aloud - The Divided Sea

The Divided Sea, Instruction

The exhibition consist of seven parts. It begins in the open area above the stairs. Then six rooms follows, each about an archaeological remains.

The exhibition contains a lot of text, and therefore the synthetic speech text is divided into one page per room.

Upper level open area, Introduction

A sea like the Baltic holds an abundance of history. For many thousands of years, people have lived by the sea, lived off the sea and travelled across the sea – bringing goods to trade, ideas to share and a thirst for discovery. But many never reached their goals.

The Baltic Sea contains tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, archaeological remains and shipwrecks. Here, you will encounter stories about contacts and alliances, about trade and war, about life and death, about major historical events and about individual life destinies.

All of us who live and have lived around the Baltic Sea share a common history. Here are some stories from the sea that we share – and that divide us.

Next to the text a film with audio and text is shown.

The six exhibition rooms

Tybrind Vig



Vrouw Maria

U 4 7 9

M/S Estonia


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